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Statistical labour market monitoring


This section contains detailed information on registered unemployment, registered vacancies, and cross-border-commuters within the international Lake Constance region.


Different legal frameworks and approaches to recording unemployment and job vacancies limit the comparability of the presented data. For instance, if compared to unemployment data collected by the EU for the respective regions, data provided by German and Austrian labour market authorities tend to slightly exceed harmonized EU figures while data provided by the Swiss labour market authority tend to be somewhat lower than the corresponding EU data. Numbers pertaining to job vacancies are provided by the respective national labour market authorities and therefore only include open positions these authorities have been notified of by employers on a voluntary basis. Thus, only part of the „real“ job vacancies are reported to the labour market authorities. All other vacancies are not included in the data. However, the figures presented here still reflect general trends in the job market and provide information on the current demand for labour in the region.


You can find more information on the different approaches to recording unemployment and vacancies in the methodology section via the left menu.


Data on unemployment and job vacancies are updated monthly and made available by the 15th of the subsequent month. A statistical report on cross-border commuters ist published yearly (see our latest report: Grenzgängerinnen und Grenzgänger in der internationalen Bodenseeregion 2014). The main time series on unemployment and job vacancies are also presented graphically on a quarterly basis within the german part of this website (see „Arbeitsmarktmonitoring“).


In addition, you have access to the actual monthly figures through our map-application on the left menu or by following the links to our comprehensive data base: