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The Statistical Labour Market Monitoring (Statististisches Arbeitsmarktmonitoring) is part of the Statistic Platform Lake Constance and is supported by the labour-market work group of the IBK's economic commission. It replaces a former EURES-Bodensee sub-project and pursues the following goals:


  • Reduce information deficits in order to enable efficient co-ordination of the labour market
  • Increase perception of the Lake Constance region as a common labour market
  • Uncover regional mismatches in the region's cross-border labour market
  • Standardize differing indicators used to describe the labour market


The main challenge for a cross-border statistical project is the comparability of statistical data. Data collection practices and definitions of indicators often differ significantly among the four participating countries.


You will find detailed information and useful links about the methodological problems when comparing the labour market indicators in the Lake Constance region in the German part of this website, see "Methodisches" (available in German only).